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Classes & Coinciding Kits

Sunset Boulevardier offers online Cocktail Sessions and immersive whisk(e)y  and agave spirits sessions for corporate clients as well as private clients. We have led sessions for corporations like Dell, Microsoft, Stanford University, First National Bank and more.


Tailored for groups large and small, we lead Cocktail and whisk(e)y sessions lasting anywhere from 30-60 minutes. We teach the basic fundamentals of cocktail building, fun facts about the history of sprits and cocktails, provide conversation around cocktail culture and our experiences working in some of the worlds most interesting properties as well ways to utilize ingredients at home with our 'Pantry Session". We offer customizable cocktail kits. With our whisk(e)y and Tequila classes, we delve into regions, laws, distillation, history and focus on craft brands and their stories.


Email us to inquire!

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