Offering everything from staff trainings for beverage programs to the art of a beginner approaching building their own cocktail from home, Sunset Boulevardier has you covered. We do corporate events pairing food, spirit and classic cocktail, as well as teach groups how to build the classics, even offering up insight on ways to create their own unique variations of tried and true recipes.

Staff Trainings

Offering varied tiers of information, Sunset Boulevardier can offer an overview of spirits knowledge, teaching or refreshing the knowledge of a bar team. We break each spirit down discussing distillation, flavor and basic terms and knowledge essential for any bar.

Corporate Events

At corporate events we have a great time teaching staff how to build cocktails, often bringing along food to pair with the flavor profile of classic cocktails and spirits delving into the cultural and historical significance of each cocktail, spirit and pairing.

Private Lessons

We provide lessons for individuals seeking to learn the art of bar tending for home or for work, as well as groups for fun events and parties, teaching the fundamentals of cocktail mixing, and the pertinent information that comes with it.



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