Danielle Motor

Originally from New Orleans, Danielle Motor moved to New York City at the age of eighteen. She forged a community working as a baker, and eventually a bar tender at some of New York's most esteemed establishments. She moved to Los Angeles eighteen years ago, curated the cocktail programs at the Hungry Cat, Petit Trois & was hired to establish her own events and cocktail programming in the lobby at the Chateau Marmont Hotel.  Prior to joining forces with Sabrina and launching Sunset Boulevardier, Danielle owned and operated her own bespoke cocktail service Big Shot Motor Co. for ten years. She currently works as an events coordinator, beverage consultant,  is co-writing a cocktail book,  and teaches bass lessons locally.

Sabrina Minks

A Los Angeles native, Sabrina has fourteen years experience in sales, events and hospitality working in both Los Angeles & Chicago. Sabrina began by working in her hometown of Los Angeles at the age of sixteen. Upon moving to Chicago for school, she took on a new role, bartending in a famous whisk(e)y bar, and her introduction to the world of spirits and craft cocktails evolved from there. Upon her return to Los Angeles, Sabrina curated one of two ongoing cocktail menus at Chateau Marmont Hotel, where she met Danielle who further mentored her craft by working side by side and further developing innovative techniques of the trade. Sabrina left the Chateau to work in the Giannini Bar of the NoMad Hotel training with Leo Robtchek. She has also trained with Chicago based mixologist Freddie Sarkas, and London based mixologist Luis Simoes. In 2018 Sabrina and Danielle launched Sunset Boulevardier and Sabrina began working as an Irish whiskey educator with Teeling Whiskey and the Bacardi portfolio. Sabrina currently works as a Market Manager for Bertoux Brandy, as a beverage and bar consultant and events coordinator. She is a published writer and will be releasing her first book, a cocktail book co-written by her and Danielle in the near future.



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